Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's New...

Well it has been a busy week so far for my fiance and I.  After being off from school and the regular work grind for a week, we have been pretty busy playing catch up with all the work we put off.  But on the house front, things are going pretty smoothly.  On Monday, we received a letter from Ryan Homes about our estimated pre-settlement date and our closing date.  These dates are crucial because we still have a current lease on our apartment until the end of May and breaking that lease would mean big bucks.  Therefore, when we first agreed to sign a purchase agreement with Ryan Homes it was very important that they delay closing until the middle to end of April so that there would be no overlapping payments.  Long story short, the closing date on the paper was March 31st.  YIKES!  Well after speaking with our realtor and then our sales rep, we were told that this is just an automated letter that gets sent out when the house reaches a certain point (drywall) and not to worry that they would push things a few weeks back so that we could get our desired closing date.

On the mortgage front, after having some issues trying to figure out rules and guidelines surrounding an Energy Star certified loan (read about this in a previous post), we FINALLY received all the answers that we needed and are ready to move forward with that.  Our loan officer overnighted the paperwork to us yesterday and we read over and fixed some typos that were on there.  We have to get a page notarized today and then will mail back overnight also.  Hopefully, we are approved with this type of loan through SONYMA.  We have heard that sometimes they can be very slow to approve your loan which worries us with so little time before our closing in mid-April.  Our sales rep informed us that if anything wasn't approved by May we would have to start paying the carry costs for our house to Ryan Homes.  I am just hopeful that this will be somewhat a speedy turn around and we will have no issues with any of that.

Now, for actual house progress...phew!  I stopped by the house yesterday around 5:30 pm and there was no one there working.  The door was unlocked so I went inside (of course!).  At this point, the only thing they did since installing the drywall last week was sand the drywall and install the gas line/meter.  The furnace was on and blowing hot air of the vents.  So far, no cabinets or anything else has been delivered yet.  We still have the same reject doors and sink that were left over from a wrong order that was placed for another house in the neighborhood sitting in our garage.  But I will be out there again in a few days to check if there are any more progress.  By all means, I really don't care if they take a few days off because WE NEED TO CLOSE LATER ANYWAY!! :)

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  1. They are scheduled to be finished your house soon. That is so excited! My fiance and I are building the Florence in North East, Maryland. This process is so exciting, I'm glad I have others who feel the same way that I can talk to! Can't wait to hear more from you!