Friday, February 25, 2011

Pictures of Drywall

So exciting! We got to walk through the house this morning to take a look at the drywall that they worked on over the past two days.  It looked great and was super warm in there! They had the heat cranking that was for sure!  I think it was causing some of the structural elements to expand and therefore, our front door was a little tight to close and one of the floorboards was warping.  Our PM said he would get on those things and fix them right away.  The drywall looked great, of course they still have to sand it down but so far, so good!  Here are some of the pictures I took before my camera died. 
Dining Room
 Living Room
 Recessed lights
 Front Bedroom
 Master Bedroom
 Another view of Master Bedroom
 Upstairs hallway
 Front of the house by the loft
 Looking down the stairs (little peeved about the spilled McDonalds french fries on the side there...I mean come on the men who were working could have cleaned that up!)
 Looking through to the dining room/front of the house

They will sand, prime, paint, and then start working on carpentry (trim, cabinets, doors).  We are super excited and loved being able to get a feel for the size of the rooms!


  1. Great pics. I can't wait until the house is framed let alone has drywall.

  2. Love it Girl!!!! Im going tomorrow to check ours out..

  3. It looks fantastic! I had to laugh about the McDonald's fries. We found some wrappers in our island drawers!