Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daily Check Up

Today, I drove out to the house after work to see the progress and it didn't look like much had been happening.  They have yet to put on the roof shingles on, I believe because it was still covered with snow. :)  However, the plywood that is covering our garage was moved to the side JUST enough for me to sneak in and have a peek.  I saw that we now have a front door WITH A WINDOW!! I was unaware that we were getting a window in our front door.  The window is high so you can't see into it and it was a welcome surprise.  I also saw that all of our other interior doors were delivered and happily resting in our future breakfast area.  There also looked to be some sort of large box containing maybe something having to do with electrical or plumbing.  

I was shocked to see that the other house in the neighborhood (a few days ahead of ours in the process) had a GARAGE DOOR already!  I believe they are going at a little bit of a slower pace on our house because we asked to close a month later due to our current lease situation.  We didn't want any overlapping payments, which who can blame us, we might actually save a little bit of money this way.  

On another note, we spent our snow day off the other day looking at paint colors (and everything else including mailboxes, blinds, and appliances) at Home Depot.  My fiance and I tend to agree on mostly everything that has to do with the house so it didn't shock me when we were reaching for the same paint swatch.  We both tend to like more muted tones and neutrals so I think it will be an easygoing process.  We think that we are going to paint a neutral color on most of the downstairs walls and a few accent walls here and there.  We might have to bribe some of our friends to help us with some pizza and chicken wings. :)  I will have to post some of the colors that we are thinking of later on. 

And speaking of appliances, we saw a commercial on TV last night that Sears is having a 20% off all Kenmore appliances sale until 2/9/2011.  We are going to look into it this coming weekend to see if it would be worth while to save the money on our appliances while we can. They also give you an extra 5% off if you use a Sears credit card.  Might be worth the hundred dollars of savings that we would get.  Anyway, that's all the news for today. Stay tuned for more! :)


  1. I didn't know our door would have a window either. At first I wasn't sure I liked it, but it has grown on me. I'm just very nervous about the paint color we picked out for the front door. I'm not loving the shutters, so I'm worried about the door.

  2. We are getting the door with windows also and our garage door has windows across the top....Hey thats a good and wings..thanks Im gonna send a mass email out to my friends!!! lol

  3. DO NOT APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD OR ANY OTHER DEBT PRIOR TO CLOSING! This is the last thing you want to do before you close on a mortgage is take out more debt. Your ratios may or may not be tight, but I'm in the business. It sends panic through my veins to find out a borrower took out more debt before closing.

    Okay of my soap box. Now I'm wondering if our door will have a window on it? Daniel is 6'5" he may not like that, lol.