Monday, February 7, 2011

A Garage Door and Roof Shingles

It has been a few days since I have updated because not much has been happening to the exterior of the house.  On Saturday, my fiance and I were able to pop our heads in the front door as someone left it open a crack. :)  We were able to see that they have started work on the HVAC ducts.  It was also great to see that our project manager had been out to the house and made of list of things for the contractors to "fix."  As my fiance said it best, "I would like them to not have to fix anything at all but it is good that things are being looked after."  

Today, my fiance was trying out a new route from our current apartment to the house in order to see if it would shorten the drive.  Right now we are driving out there during rush hour and it takes a good half an hour.  When he arrived at the house, he saw that we now have a garage door and roof shingles! Looks like they are doing a lot of work to prepare for the pre-drywall meeting on Friday.  I am disappointed that I can't attend the walk through but maybe I will have to sneak out there and see everything for myself.  Hopefully over the course of the next few days they will be hard at work on plumbing and electrical work.  I will post some more pictures on here tomorrow hopefully when I get out to the house myself to take some pictures of the garage door and roof.  Until then...happy house building! :)

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  1. I missed our walkthrough, too. I was pretty bummed, but I just went a few days later. I know I should have been, but I really had no interest in plumbing and electrical stuff, so I didn't miss much. Glad things are moving along.