Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre-Settlement Walkthrough was Yesterday

So yesterday we had our pre-settlement demonstration walkthrough meeting, whatever you want to call it :).  My fiance and I both took the day off for this due to the fact that we couldn't do it after school because my fiance coaches baseball, blah, blah, blah.  Long story short, we took the day off and enjoyed ourselves.  We had some errands to run in the morning so we got those done and then just hung out until my parents arrived.  My mom and dad drove 5 hours again to help us look for potential issues with the finished house.  I have to say that the actual walk through went really well.  However, I feel like I was thrown so much information that I will never remember anything that was said.  Oh well, I guess that is why they give you a GIANT binder full of info. 

It was very good to have four sets of eyes looking for things that needed to be touched up or things that didn't look right.  And to be honest, all four of us found things that the others hadn't seen.  Here is the short list of what needs to be fixed before we move in:
  • There was a very loud floor noise in the kitchen by the corner pantry that they are going to check out and see if they can find the cause and thus eliminate it.  
  • There was a screw missing from one of our switch plates in the master bathroom.
  • Miscellaneous paint touch ups throughout the house where they forgot to repaint.
  • There was a crush mark in our carpet in the living room that will be steam cleaned (basically this looks like a seam but was not and can be steamed out)
  • They are going to check the level of the floor in the kitchen (my fiance said he felt a bump in the floor but I didn't)
  • The lock on our sliding glass door was not functioning properly (wouldn't lock) the screws were tightened. 
  • The mirror in the powder room was crooked and would have driven me absolutely bonkers.
  • They are going to check on the insulation around the dryer vent to the outside because I could see daylight coming in. 
  • MOST MAJOR ITEM! There was HUGE crack in one of the floor joists in the basement that looked very scary.  Our PM said they will sister another one next to it to give it more support. 
  • The basement handrail was installed through the drywall and there was nothing holding it in place.  There needed to be a brace added between two studs in order to support the screws. 
  • Our PM had ordered us one new cabinet door for the kitchen because it had a nasty knot in it and the one that came also had a nasty knot so he is going to try for a third!
  • The weatherstripping at the top of the garage door needs to be replaced.
  • And last but not least there were nail pops in the siding along the back wall that were causing the siding to buckle.
Otherwise, everything looked really great and we can't wait to move in!  I wish we were closing tomorrow but we have to wait.  It is going by pretty fast and we still haven't been approved for our SONYMA loan so I am in no hurry.  And I still have plenty of packing to keep me occupied! :)  OH! and the PM gave us our garage door openers so now we can sneak in there whenever we want until we close!  Might have to bring some of our friends/family by this weekend.

Here are some pictures from the walkthrough, not too many because my camera was being temperamental:


  1. Your house looks so beautiful. The cabinet /counter-top colors are awesome!!!The issues that you mentioned are in detail..good that you have parents to check as well.

  2. thats really good you had 4 sets of eyes....Im definitely gonna be investigating every single inch of our house....

  3. The house looks awesome...thanks for providing the details of the findings!

  4. Looks great! I love your banisters upstairs!

  5. Your house is so beautiful!!! =D Good looking out! Not long now! GL!