Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pre-Settlement in less than a week!

Wow! I cannot believe how fast this whole house-building process has gone.  I am beyond shocked that in a mere 6 days we will be walking through our FINISHED house! We are excited and thrilled that we were able to build our first home.  Even though, we don't close for another 29 days (yikes less than a month, I better start packing!) we are still so thrilled that we are so close to living in our very first home.  I don't have any new pics because we haven't been to the house since the last visit.  The doors and garage are now both locked every day so we wouldn't be able to get in unless we bothered our PM to let us in. We are excited to see the finished product in 6 DAYS!!! My mom and dad are traveling up again to walk through with us and provide us with another two sets of eyes in case there are things that need touched up or fixed.

In other news, last weekend, we ended up buying our washer and dryer at Sears during a Friends and Family sale that they were having.  I was so happy with the price that we got on these items.  At first they were not going to give us free delivery but luckily I came prepared with my ammunition.  Before we went to Sears, I went online to see if it would give me both 15% off and free delivery and SURE did! So I printed out my shopping cart that showed both and brought it with me.  And when the salesperson went into his shpeal about its one or the other, I whipped out my paperwork and served him! HAHA! It was thrilling to finally "win" at something.  All it takes is a little research and evidence and people will give you what you want.  Long story short, our washer and dryer will be delivered on Monday, April 25th while my fiance and I are there slaving over paint. :)

Next thing on the agenda is homeowner's insurance...which I happen to know nothing about.  God bless the insurance agent who has to explain things to us. :) We have a couple of appointments set up next week for quotes from different agencies.  We will see what happens....Stay tuned!


  1. That's great! It went so fast. Good job on getting the appliance and rfree delivery.

  2. Your like a week ahead of me!! But we close on the 8th!! LOL Get your discounts girl!!!!Happy for your purchases!!

  3. Replacement cost, replacement cost for the home owners. I've started calling around too. We may not have internet at my moms so I wanted to start now. Make sure you know what deductible your comfortable with. Also be sure to add water back up, personal liability, medical payments, personal property, and loss of use. I can't stress replacement cost enough.

    Great idea for shopping. Way to make sure you get what you deserve.

  4. Good job with sears Yeah you WIN !!!!!good luck with the insurance

  5. I had called to get a quote on homeowner's insurance for the new house (staying with State Farm), and I was pleasantly surprised that it will actually be lower then we are paying now despite the house being considerably more expensive than our current home. They said it was due to the fact that we get discounts applied for it being an Energy Star home. Hopefully you'll have the same luck.