Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sweet Purchases

We have been making some purchases over the past few weeks.  About 2 weeks ago, JCPenney had a really good sale going on cellular blinds.  We decided to check it out and found that it would save us a chunk of money.  So we went ahead and got 9 blinds for the house.  That is 2 for the living room, 2 for the master bedroom, 2 for the loft, 2 for the front dining room windows, and one for the front bedroom on the house.  The other bedroom will have to wait and curtains will have to suffice for now.

Then last week, we finally pulled the trigger and bought a king sized bed! We had been looking at beds for a while and I finally nailed my fiance down and we picked out a bed.  It is a Simmons Beauty Rest Firm Plush mattress and we think it is going to be perfect.  Of course, I had to go and buy king sized bedding like the next day because it is so exciting! It will be delivered either April 25th or 26th but maybe earlier depending on if we get the bedroom painted the weekend after we close.

AND THEN! last night we bought our refrigerator from Lowe's.  They were offering 15% off all energy star appliances plus free delivery.  We attempted to get Sears to price match this but apparently they only price match sale prices and not percentage off.  Whatever! The guy at Sears was trying to sell me on a deal they are having on Sunday (which is 15% off but no free delivery) but hello, it is still more money.  We are lucky enough to have gotten Sears gift cards for Christmas from our family members so we think we will get our washer and dryer there on Sunday during their secret sale haha.

It feels good to check these things off the list of things to buy because that means we are only getting closer!! Here is a picture of the refrigerator we is a Whirlpool Gold black one.


  1. Nice choice with the king size bed. we bought the same bed recently I love it, don't think hubby is as happy with it as I am he thought we should have went with a pillow top (plush) but the firm plush is just right for me and my bad back. be careful if you have a platform bed. we bought the bed first and then the bedroom set and without thinking until after the set was delivered I realized with a platform bed we do not need the foundation. :( THe bed is extremely high with the foundation and mattresse on top of the platform. so we removed it and now we have a brand new king size foundation that we do not need. Ruby Gordon only offered to give us 275.00 if we returned it. I think tht is robbery considering we paid 1500.00 for the complete set but I think I am going to have to take the lost because I have no need for the foundation

  2. I'm so addicted to appliances its not funny. Can't wait to get the washer dryer.

  3. Fun purchases!!! We bought a new king sized bed about a month ago and LOVE it. Still have our queen bedding (new sheets though) as we are on the hunt for perfect bedding. No such luck yet. Where did you get your bedding? We have a bluish shade on our wall so I think we will go with grey bedding.

  4. A king size bed...good choice! We are looking for one now. I cannot wait, with 2 big dogs that sleep with us, we will have lots of room! I love your refrigerator! It looks so nice! Congrats on your awesome purchases!

  5. Mindi- We got our king bedding at Target and it is grey too with a white floral pattern on it. It is in the Shabby Chic collection there. Not too bad of a price for king bedding and very comfortable! We have been trying to decide on paint colors for our bedroom and we are thinking a darker blue/greyish color. So exciting!